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Perguntas frequentes

  • Can I skip or reschedule bookings?
    You can reschedule any booking without penalty, so long as you do so at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled start time.
  • How much are house cleaning services?
    It depends on the size of your home - enter how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have via our email or text and we will give you an instant quote. We are confident that you will find extremely reasonable prices, given the high level of service you will receive from your professional.
  • Are house cleaning services worth it?
    Yes, it certainly is, assuming you’re the type of person who likes to come home to a beautiful and pristine home without having lifted a finger! If you’re a time-strapped professional working a 16-hour day, a busy mom or dad shuffling children between daycare and school and soccer practices, or just someone who simply has too much to do and far too little time to do it in, house cleaning can be at the bottom of your list. Nobody wants a messy home, and yet nobody really enjoys chores either – this is where Hewcleaning comes in. We’ve got the solutions. You demand top quality house cleaning services, and Hewcleaning puts you in touch with the best house cleaners. Cost-wise, you’re looking at a service that’s affordable and great value for money. And let’s be honest -- a couple extra hours with the kids at the end of the day can be priceless.
  • How much do you tip a house cleaning service?
    Our policy is that tipping is always appreciated by professionals who will do the best service possible in your home, always with joy and sympathy, but this is a Plus if the customer thinks that the service performed was done with quality and if it is their will.


Pagamentos aceitos

Os pagamentos pelo serviço podem ser feitos em dinheiro, cheque, Venmo ou Zelle, 24 horas antes.

Política de cancelamento

Todo e qualquer serviço pode ser adiado ou cancelado gratuitamente até 2 dias antes do seu agendamento, caso contrário será cobrada uma taxa de 50% do valor do seu serviço.

Garantia de serviço

Oferecemos um excelente serviço de limpeza e garantimos a sua satisfação.

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